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Every detail can become important on a climbing expedition. On the mountainside, you need reliable garments that can shield you from the elements without restricting your movements. Come prepared, and be ready for things to take an unexpected direction. And remember: There are many ways to measure success. It's the total sum of experiences – highs and lows – that makes a journey truly memorable.


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Less is more

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The L.I.M Series is based on the insight that with less weight to carry, you’ll move easier and experience more on your adventures. Simply put: Less.Is.More (L.I.M). We invented the L.I.M Series to push the limits of functional, technical, lightweight trekking gear. If you trust what you wear, there’s no need to carry more than necessary. To pull off that equation, the equipment must deliver in any situation. The L.I.M Series grants maximum performance at minimum weight — in all conditions.