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Exhilarating journeys and the moments in-between


The 2022 Outsiders by Nature Film Festival is now behind us but the films are too spectacular to keep in a vault. From bold ascents to playful Arctic ski adventures, they feature some breathtaking landscapes and incredible journeys you don’t want to miss. Keep scrolling to discover the films and gather inspiration for your next adventure.



Discover the films



Many Fantasies Later featuring The Bunch

This film pushes the boundaries of ski film traditions, presenting a series of concept-based segments oriented around feelings and personality types. With the Swiss Alps as a backdrop, The Bunch set out to reimagine what is possible when documenting one of skiing's most storied mountain ranges.

Angersch featuring Julian Fürsinger

Extreme descents and magnificent landscapes make the Uri Haute Route a route to remember. Angersch is a film about four friends who venture to complete this traditionally winter route in the summer. The result is an epic adventure filled with moments of bravery, excitement, laughter and breathtaking views.

Young, Wild & Free featuring François Montuori

“What makes you feel most alive and free?” For pro mountaineer and paraglider François Montuori, the answer couldn’t be clearer. This film is about his relationship with the mountains. Watch it for the breathtaking views, the epic and extreme performances, and the chance to catch a glimpse of François in his purest expression of freedom.

Twenty, Chapter 1 featuring Antti Autti

If one were to describe pro snowboarder Antti Autti’s 20 year career with two words, they would be: Letting go. This time, the biggest changes lie ahead as he seeks to let go of what he can in order to make his lifestyle more

Divine Playground featuring Martin Venedik

A film that doubles as a guide to your next ski adventure. Espen Hagesæther, Paul Norheim, Martin Venedik and Lars Storli work and study in Sogndal and spend their free time skiing and exploring the mountains. In this film, they offer the coordinates of their favorite spots, giving enthusiasts the opportunity to discover unique skiing opportunities in the Sogndal area.

Manaslu - Out of Breath featuring Maria Granberg

In September 2021, Maria Granberg went to Nepal, Manaslu to attempt her second 8,000+ meter peak without supplemental oxygen. This film, shot by Maria herself, displays the beautiful and brutal conditions that the mountain had to offer, along with the unfiltered emotions she experienced while reaching her way towards the summit.

Mount Kenya featuring Lena Drapella

Follow a diverse crew of adventurers who share a common goal: making summit. Towering at 5,199 m (17,057 ft), the highest peak of Mount Kenya is reached by a mere 50 climbers yearly. This film revolves around photographer Lena Drapella who has little alpinism experience. When altitude sickness sets in, the challenge becomes even harder.

Life Along the Line featuring Sofie Gidlund & Malva Bjärkman

Journey through the vast and awe-inspiring wilderness above the Arctic Circle, leaping along the Iron Ore Line between Kiruna and Narvik. Sofie Gidlund and Malva Björkman are your guides in this all-female film production showcasing their most beloved places for skiing, collecting memories and enjoying Mother Earth's endless playground.